The BIG ILCH is a project founded on the celebration of shared creativity and musical collaboration. Comprised of a core of solo artists from Australia’s Eastern Shores, the project has enabled the artists to bring together their different styles of music and varied cultural creative influences. This band encompasses the sounds of each members’ nationality including: Dominican Republic, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Italy, England and regions of the Middle East.



THE BIG ILCH s a project, a collective, a group of solo artists that have come together to create the Big Ilch. Infusing their different styles of music, each individual adds to this one big melting pot of music. Soul, Funk, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Groove are all the ingredients needed to spice this musical pot up.

Singer/songwriter and ex Voice Australia contestant, Ben Goldstein founded his own career, working along side his mentors, Seal and Delta Goodrem. After his first European Tour in 2015 as a solo act, Ben moved to the middle east to explore the sounds of this particular region. captivated by what he learned. on his return to Australia in 2016, he felt compelled to make a unique sound by combining several different styles of music from several different cultures. Alongside incredible local Sydney artist and producer, Minimal Miggy(aka David Goldberg), They had to find the best way to make the ‘Perfect Blend’. The ‘key’ to this process was to find other artists from different cultural musical backgrounds.


"But how to reach further?" The members met Maitê Machiori(BRAZIL) chilling out on Sydney’s ‘Cultural Melting Pot’ Bondi Beach one Saturday afternoon and asked her if she would care to join them at a jam later that day. Maitê was Brazilian raised but born is Sydney’s own Bondi Beach. Not only was Maitê an unbelievable singer in both Portuguese and English, but she encompassed every aspect of the Brazilian culture that was exploding in Australia at the time. The boys insisted that Maitê joined them on their journey to find and create a more worldly sound. During this time, David was performing with an artist by the name of Dom Diaz from the Dominican Republic. The moment they got a taste of his inspiring performance at their next show, Dom was immediately welcomed into the crew with open arms and a lot of love. Dom agreed to bring is ‘Dominican spices’ to table.


Adding the final members, Ally Mcmahon from England and Papa Raimondo Fioravanti from Italy, the band is finally complete “This ‘ship’ now moves on its own and we all have different ingredients to give so lets just make one big fat sandwich” Recording their first EP at Australia’s Famous Grove Studios, THE BIG ILCH is born. The Music personifies the ‘Australian Summer’ translated to a global sound. Being a part of this project is being exposed to an endless stream of cultural and ethnic influences in an ever shifting pattern - This is the sound of the world as it should be - This Is THE BIG ILCH!!!

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